Awesome Customer Experience

I’m sitting in a coffee shop at 7:30 am Thanksgiving morning catching up on a startup’s never ending to do list.  I hadn’t been here 15 minutes when the following email came through:

Hi Jeffrey,

Just wanted to wish you Happy Thanksgiving.

Have a great weekend!

Now that seems simple enough probably got a bunch or those, no big deal right?  Well I’m here to tell you it was a big deal.  Made my day!  But what does that have to do with an article entitled “Awesome Customer Experience?”  Well… everything.  This email came from  Yury Makarov at ScienceSoft in Minsk, Belarus.  Yury obviously cares enough about his customers (or in my case potential customer) to be aware of things in another country a half a world away that most of us just take for granted.  I’m embarrassed because I have  no clue  what the celebrations there may be in Minsk to reciprocate – but I probably should.    We all  probably should.

As the internet breaks down international barriers and diversity issues are everywhere just the simple extra effort Yury put out really makes a difference and it can make your customers or business partners day like it did mine.  At Concerto we are working with people in Russia (my business contact there speaks better English without a hint of accent than I do!), India,  Pakistan, and of course Belarus.  I did see the two gentlemen who I do not know from Pakistan wish each other a happy something celebration on LinkedIn the other day.  I followed up by sending an email to my contact in Pakistan wishing him a happy holiday (by name of course).  On my side I just thought it a nice thing to do, comradery with someone who I work with but will never meet.  I had no idea when I did it the great feeling it was to hear from someone across the globe who cared enough to me as a person to acknowledge my holiday.  That was an  “Awesome Customer Experience!

I think I’ll do a little Googling on Russian, Indian, Pakistani, and Belarus holidays and make some notes…