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An Alternative to Care Credit: Every Patient Matters Gives Your Patients Access To Your Healthcare

What happens today when a medical provider, telemedicine, urgent care, or mini-clinic tells a patient they need a procedure that costs $500 or more and the patient’s insurance doesn’t cover it?

What if they can’t afford to pay their plan’s high deductible? What if they don’t have insurance?

every patient matters financing


Patient Financing Has Changed Forever and Here Is How You Can Benefit

As a medical provider, have you ever wished you could help more people?

You know you have the answers and the care they are looking for, but there are obstacles in the way. For some, it’s time; for some, it’s money; for others, it’s insurance (or lack thereof). If you’re like most medical providers, you already understand this is a severe problem you need to solve.

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Dashlane Features: 7 Unexpected Things You’d Never Expect You Could Do With This Password Manager

Did you know there’s one simple way for you to run your business even more efficiently than ever before?

From managing sensitive information to onboarding new hires, there’s a way for you to complete your most important daily activities all in one secure place.

That’s right. It’s called Dashlane Password Manager, but “password manager” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Dashlane is a multi-purpose tool for online business, data protection, company collaboration, and so much more.

dashlane features

With Dashlane, you can…

  • Send banking information securely
  • Share company data with various clearance levels
  • Store all your important passwords in one safe place

And much, much more!

You haven’t heard about Dashlane yet?

Haven’t heard about Dashlane Password manager? If not, then you’re missing out. Keep reading to find out why.

Dashlane password manager with its many features is totally disrupting the personal and business cybersecurity space. There are so many password manager apps, websites and informational guides out there. But the truth is they’re not all created equal. Not by a long shot!

There are only a select few that can actually secure your safety online. And there’s only one that takes it a step further than that. It’s called Dashlane Password Manager, and if you’re not using it yet, you’re missing out on hours of productivity. This simple tool helps you operate at top performance and get even more done in your day.

With the help of Dashlane Password Manager, you can…

  • Manage all your bank accounts, even cryptocurrency
  • Keep track of your personal & business accounting
  • Collaborate with your team efficiently
  • Onboard new hires with ease

And more.

As you can see, Dashlane really is your all-in-one go-to password solution for your business. Plus, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use it. It’s all accessible online with an easy-to-use interface.

Intrigued? Read on to learn more…

Dashlane Features: 7 Unexpected Things You Can Do With Dashlane Password Manager

The main Dashlane feature is pretty obvious: secure password storage. From the accounts you rarely touch to the ones you actively use every day, you can store hundreds of passwords all in one place.

But Dashlane gets even cooler than that. Keep reading to discover 7 Unexpected Things You Can Do With Dashlane Password Manager…

#1) Share passwords securely

Passwords protect you from stolen identity, credit card hacks and all kinds of data breaches. But if your passwords aren’t safe, neither is your sensitive information. If you currently share passwords over email, text or in your “Notes” app, you’re at risk.

With Dashlane, you can not only store all your passwords for your own use, but you can also share passwords with colleagues, friends, family and more. You can even select different clearance levels to control who has access to what.

Start sharing passwords securely with Dashlane.

#2) Exchange Banking Information Without Compromise

Want to protect your financial data so you can keep more money in your pocket?

With this feature, you can send and receive banking information without worrying about it ending up in the wrong hands.

This feature comes in handy for…

  • Onboarding new hires
  • Sending and receiving payments
  • Setting up customers on payment plans

And much more!

All banking information becomes encrypted through advanced Dashlane technology. Get ready to gain peace of mind knowing no one can access your financials.

#3) Manage Various Methods of Payment

With your Dashlane Secure Digital Wallet, you can keep all your credit cards in an encrypted space so hackers can’t get to them. Plus, there’s no limit to how many payment methods you can store. You can even store your cryptocurrency accounts, but we’ll talk more about that later.

But it doesn’t stop there. Dashlane streamlines all your payments and expedites the checkout process. You have the ability to select your payment method from a drop-down, and Dashlane will auto-fill the info for you so you don’t have to. This means you can check out online in a matter of just seconds.

Get ready to speed up online checkouts and process payments faster than ever before.

#4) Send Secure Notes  

Did you know you’re at risk of a data breach every time you share sensitive information over texts or email? Protect your online assets with Dashlane secure sharing.

Dashlane allows you to pass notes, documents and more to your employees, business partners, and whoever else you want to share information with.

You can use this feature to…

  • Exchange banking information
  • Share company information with employees
  • Send sensitive information to your customers

And more!

You can rest assured your data is completely safe and secure. In fact, Dashlane uses advanced encryption so hackers can’t tap into any of your important files.

#5) Save Your Receipts for even better Record Keeping

Stay on top of your accounting by auto-saving your all receipts in your Dashlane account. After every online purchase, Dashlane will ask you if you want to save your receipt. Clicking “save” is your secret weapon for keeping track of business and personal expenses, tax write-offs and more.

This unique feature enables you to track and manage your financials in one safe place, and it’s so easy to use.

#6) Store Your Crypto Keys

Did you know you can even store your cryptocurrency credentials? Dashlane is a great way for you to protect your sensitive crypto information.

If you forget a cryptocurrency password, you could lose thousands. One guy lost as much as $10,000 over a lost crypto key. But with Dashlane, you can make sure you never lose your crypto keys by saving them all in your Dashlane Digital Wallet. Plus, you’ll be able to make payments safely and easily.

#7) React to emergencies

Imagine you just started your vacation… You’re reclining on your beach chair, listening to the ocean waves, when you remember (oh, no!) you didn’t send your new client that proposal you promised them you’d send before you left…

Don’t worry.

With the Dashlane emergency feature, you can grant account access to co-workers so they can help you out of a bind.

But this feature goes way beyond business. Prepare for life’s unexpected events by sharing account info with people who you trust in case something happens to you or someone you love.

Whether it’s a personal or professional emergency, the Dashlane Emergency feature is your fail-safe plan in the event of an emergency.

Start Experiencing the Dashlane Difference Today

From password protection to data sharing and even emergency situations, Dashlane Password Manager is here to help you.

You can use this tool to manage business activities and organize your everyday life. People and business owners love Dashlane because it truly is an all-in-one productivity tool — and you will too!

With all the tools and resources within your Dashlane app, you’ll shave hours off your online purchasing, accounting and miscellaneous activities.

In fact, business owners like you report Dashlane saved them up to 40 hours per year! That’s an entire workweek… Just imagine what you could do with all that free time.

Don’t wait – click here to discover the Dashlane Difference right now.

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8 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Just Like You Are Using Cloud-Based Password Managers to Increase Productivity & Safety Online

As a small business owner or operator, you’re constantly thinking about ways to increase company productivity and boost sales.

Everything you do counts toward your bottom line, so it’s important to make sure your business operates lean and mean and with minimal disruptions.

As you fine-tune your productivity, you will start to grow exponentially. And, as you grow, your business will become even more valuable.

cloud based password manager

While a greater business valuation is a good thing, it definitely puts you at a higher risk of getting hacked online.

The good news is there’s a powerful way to build your productivity and protect your assets at the same time.

It’s called a cloud-based password manager, and it’s completely changing how businesses operate on a daily basis.

With a password manager, you can…

  • Maximize your time
  • Reduce your risk of online theft
  • Improve your company productivity

And much, much more!

There’s a reason why small businesses everywhere are turning to online password managers to help them reach their company productivity goals and stay safer online.

Before we dive into all the reasons why you’ll benefit from a password manager, let’s explore what a password manager is and how it can work for you.

What is a Password Manager and How Does it Work?

A password manager is an online tool to help you organize your account management processes.

It serves as a productivity enhancer, helping you save time on your usual day-to-day actives. With a password manager, you can log into accounts faster, streamline your purchasing processes and more.

All that being said, password managers do a lot more than just keep your passwords safe. They can help to ensure you and your sensitive data are safe on the web.

Through advanced encryption, password managers keep hackers out of your business. From passwords to presentations, everything stored in your password management system is as close to hack-proof as it gets.

You can rest assured all of your online activities are safe and secure, reducing your risk of stolen information, identity, and more.

How a Password Manager Works for YOU

Many password managers are so advanced, you might as well consider them a virtual assistant of sorts. It always has your back, warning you about potential data breaches, auto-filling information where necessary and even generating ultra-strong passwords for you.

Your online password manager will…

  • Protect your passwords from outside parties
  • Log you into accounts faster and more efficiently
  • Warn you if you stumble upon an insecure website
  • Create and remember incredibly strong passwords for you
  • Provide a secure sharing environment for you & your employees

And, so much more!

Simply put, your password manager is your lifeline to an extremely productive and protected business.

Now that you know how what a password manager is and how it works for you, let’s look at why small businesses everywhere are using online password managers.

The Power of an Online Password Manager

Keep reading to discover 8 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Are Using Password Managers to Increase Company Productivity & Stay Safe Online – And Why YOU Should Too!

#1) Increase employee performance throughout your company

Your password management system doesn’t just benefit you. It benefits your entire company.

As the business owner, you can use your password management account of the company’s master account. From there, you can create individual accounts for every employee in your company.

Most password managers are easy to use and require little to no technical skills. Your password managers provide a simple and efficient way for you and your employees to increase productivity while staying protected in cyberspace.

Your password manager will…

  • Encourage employees to stay on track.
  • Reduce time spent logging in and filling out forms.
  • Provide a secure sharing environment for company collaboration.

#2) Encourage company collaboration in a safe online environment

An online password manager doesn’t just store and remember your login credentials. It also provides a secure space to share information. Everything you share within your password management system becomes encrypted, which prevents hackers from accessing your data.

Now you can share documents, presentations, billing information and more with your employees, business partners and even your clients — all in a safe online environment.

With customizable access levels, you’ll never have to worry about your intellectual property getting in the wrong hands.

#3) Streamline account management for you and your employees

Are you ready to become even more organized than you are today?

As a business owner, you probably have hundreds of accounts that require login information. Imagine if you never had to remember another password again. How much time would you save? How much time could your employees save?

A good password manager enhances your account management processes, making you – and your employees – as organized as possible.

#4) Save tons of time on day-to-day activities

Did you know you spend an average of 50 hours per year filling out forms? That’s more than an entire work week of time. You might as well spend that time on a week-long vacation instead of completing a bunch of forms.

Well, lucky for you, your password manager will help you with that.

The best password managers out there will…

  • Store and remember all your passwords
  • Log you into accounts automatically
  • Auto-fill online forms for you

And more.

Get ready to simplify your processes, save hours of time and up your productivity right away.

#5) Protect your billing, banking and payment information

When your browser asks you if you want it to remember your billing information, you should select “no.”

Here’s why: this type of data saving isn’t really secure. Unlike a password manager, your browser does not always encrypt your information. This means virtually anyone can see your banking info if they want to, thus exposing you to theft.

With a password manager, you can:

  • Make your purchasing processes ultra-secure.
  • Store banking and billing information in a safe place.
  • Protect shared data between you and your employees.

And it’s not just your information you’re protecting. You’ll secure banking information for your employees, sensitive information for your clients and more

#6) Simplify how you onboard new hires

Want to make your recruiting process smooth and seamless? A password manager can help you onboard new hires quickly and easily.

With a secure sharing center, you can quickly send and receive onboarding documents like W9 and 1099 forms. Your new hires can easily fill out the forms using a password manager autofill feature. And they’ll feel comfort in knowing nobody can get to their social security number.

From there, new employees can safely send you their banking information to get set up on your payroll. So, you’ll prevent new hires from running into online identity theft while simultaneously simplifying your onboarding operations.

#7) Increase company productivity

At this point, this one’s a given. Using a password manager can absolutely help you increase company productivity by saving time spent on login processes, facilitating company collaboration, securely sharing onboarding documents and much more.

In fact, a password manager is one of the best kept productivity secrets. Once you experience the difference in your productivity, you’ll never look back.

Password managers help you…

  • Free up more time in your day.
  • Provide reassurance to your employees that their sensitive information is safe in cyberspace.
  • Create a safe, collaborative company environment.

And more!

#8) Make more money for you and your business

It’s a simple stream of cause and effect. When you start using a password manager, you will begin to streamline your company’s daily efforts and activities.

This will result in more time for you and your team to focus on growing your business and achieving your important business goals.

With heightened company productivity, you can generate even more value for your new and existing clients. Soon your client base will grow, and you’ll see even better profits than ever before.

All in all, a password manager has the power to bring more money straight into your pocket

Finding the Right Password Manager for You and Your Business

While there are many password managers out there, only some will deliver the level of productivity and protection you need for your business. It’s important for you to find the best password manager for your unique needs.

Luckily, we already did some research for you, and we’re confident you’re going to like what we found.

The Best Password Manager on The Market For Small Business

When it comes to password managers for small business, there is only one that reigns supreme. It’s called Dashlane Business, and it’s your all-in-one password management system.

With Dashlane Business, you can…

  • Complete online forms with ease. 
  • Log into accounts automatically. 
  • Generate ultra-strong passwords. 
  • Share passwords, documents, and data securely. 
  • Receive security alerts if you’re at risk of a data breach. 
  • Store payment, billing, and banking information in a safe place. 
  • Collaborate with employees without worrying about getting hacked. 

And much, much more!

CLICK HERE NOW if you’re ready to see how Dashlane Password Manager is changing the game for a small business just like yours.

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13 Amazing Productivity Apps for Small Business You Can’t Afford To Miss

Are you a small business owner or operator looking for new ways to increase your company productivity and your sales?

As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats. Fortunately, there are plenty of productivity apps that will help you to wear them.

From password protection to project management, social media scheduling and everything in between, we will reveal 13 productivity apps guaranteed to increase your productivity – and your sales.

And, you want to know the best part?

Most of these productivity apps are 100% FREE!

Are you ready to will learn how you can?

  • Improve company-wide productivity?
  • Operate even more efficiently than ever before?
  • Bring your bottom line to a whole new level?

productivity tools

Dashlane Password Manager

How often do you struggle to remember a password when you need it the most?

Well, now there’s an app for that!

As a small business owner or operator, you probably have hundreds or even thousands of accounts online.

Dashlane is a password management app that doubles as a data protection tool and a productivity enhancer. And, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use it.

Dashlane helps you:

  • Collaborate with employees and co-workers
  • Expedite your account login processes
  • Protect your sensitive information
  • Save 50+ hours of time per year

And more.

Learn more about Dashlane Features.

With Dashlane, you can save passwords with ease from an unlimited number of accounts. Dashlane password manager will automatically remember and enter your passwords for you. With the Dashlane’s secure sharing center, you can share company data in a safe online environment.

Learn more about what Dashlane can do for you and your business by reading our Dashlane review.


Want to build new relationships and increase your engagement online?

Buffer can help you do just that.

This social media scheduling tool allows you to do all your social media outreach from one place. Buffer’s easy-to-use interface saves you hours of time you typically spend posting to all your social media networks. That’s right: all of them. Buffer integrates with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

With Buffer, you can…

  • Post content to every account from one place
  • Schedule posts hours, days or weeks in advance
  • Track insights, engagements, conversions and more
  • Manage your social media marketing more efficiently

Learn more here:


This all-in-one, project management platform, encourages company collaboration while helping you track progress on critical projects. With Trello, you can prioritize important projects, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Plus, you can assign tasks and post announcements. This creates a collaborative online workspace for you and your team.

Trello helps you…

  • Organize and prioritize projects
  • Stay on top of your daily to-do list
  • Encourage company-wide collaboration

And much more!

Learn more here:


Whether you’re writing a casual email to a client, a long-form marketing paper, or your entire business plan, you want to come across professional and intelligent. That’s where Grammarly comes in.

With Grammarly, you never have to worry about a typo, spelling error, or using the wrong form of a word. Grammarly detects all your spelling oversights, and it even suggests new, more appropriate words for you to use.

Grammarly helps you…

  • Enhance your spelling and grammar skills
  • Perfect your important presentations and documents
  • Look ultra-professional in all your online communications

And, more.

Learn more here:

Google Drive: Docs, Sheets, Slides and More

Remember when you used to create a file in Microsoft Office? When you were done, you had to email it someone on your team, they’d make their suggestions, and they had to email it back to you.

But, with Google’s suite of office tools, you can share files in just a couple finger taps. And multiple parties can work on the same document at the same time, making it the ultimate collaboration tool.

Google tools enable you to…

  • Share files securely
  • Collab with your team in real-time
  • Create great content in way less time

And much, much more.

Learn more here:

Google Hangouts

If you have all the other Google apps for productivity, then you might as well add Google Hangouts to the list. Hangouts enable you to chat with employees and business partners in real time. Plus, you can even host group video meetings with screen share capabilities. With the free version, you can talk to up to 10 people at a time.

Google Hangout productivity tools

Google Hangouts helps you…

  • Communicate with people overseas
  • Stay connected with your team
  • Increase your presence online

And more.

Click here to join the conversation:


Imagine if you could connect with hundreds of new leads and potential business partners without leaving the comfort of your home…

Well, LinkedIn allows you to do just that. It’s networking elevated.

With this professional social networking app, you can…

  • Connect with more people faster
  • Find the right contacts right away
  • Recruit employees quickly and easily

And, more…

Get started with


Make your presentations come to life with this online annotation tool. Skitch allows you to add arrows, shapes and other annotations to your screenshots. You also can create a brand new design starting from a blank page.

With Skitch, you’ll be able to add notes, descriptions or instructions to all your files — and it’ll take half the time.

People use Skitch to create…

  • Marketing flowcharts
  • Annotated presentations
  • Step-by-step user guides

And so much more

Learn more here:

Evernote has a community program that pays for referrals


Do you ever wonder how much money you could save if you had graphic design skills? This drag and drop graphic design tool make making masterpieces easier than ever before.

With Canva, you can design flyers, presentations, business cards and more in just minutes. The app offers pre-built templates to save you tons of time.

With Canva you can…

  • Make professional printable materials in minutes
  • Customize your designs for way less money
  • Streamline your graphic design processes
  • And more!

Give Canva a try. After a couple of uses, you will wonder how you made it along in life without this tool:


Sure, Quickbooks is synonymous with the dreaded Tax Season. But did you know Quickbooks helps you do a lot more than file your taxes online?

You can complete all your accounting activities in just a few finger taps.

Quickbooks helps you.

  • Make and send invoices
  • Pay your employees online
  • Run reports on company data

And much more…

Learn more here:


Does payroll ever get in the way of completing all your essential tasks?

Now you don’t have to worry about cutting checks on payday. Gusto will do it for you. Gusto is a payroll management system built with the small business owner in mind.

With Gusto, you will:

  • Manage payroll accounting easily
  • Always pay employees on time
  • Keep your employees happy

And more…

Learn more here:

Misaic eXtreme QuickShare App

What do you do with all the business cards you collect while you’re networking?

Odds are they’re sitting in a stack of untapped potential. Most likely, you haven’t reached out to any of the people you pocketed a business card from.

But with the QuickShare App by Misaic eXtreme, you can snap a picture of the business card and load it directly into your CRM system.

With eXtreme, you can…

  • Keep all your new networking contacts in one place
  • Engage with these new contacts through customized email campaigns
  • Convert your new contacts into customers with end-to-end marketing funnels

And much, much more

Learn more here:

Your Answer to Small Business Productivity

Now you know 13 all-star productivity apps that have the power to impact your business in big ways positively. So, what’s next?

What if we told you there was a central place you could go for all your productivity needs? Wouldn’t that, in itself, be super productive?

Introducing Concerto Marketplace, your one-stop-shop for all things business – and it’s all online. With the marketplace, you get 70+ productivity tools specifically designed with the small business owner in mind.

Your Concerto Marketplace membership includes access to Dashlane, Misaic eXtreme, Gusto and even more amazing productivity apps.

>> Click here to get started.

And for a limited time only, you can get FREE marketplace membership (regularly $39). Join now for free using code TRYNOW at checkout.

Sam Altman - Productivity Expert

Compound Your Productivity with Tips from Startup Expert Sam Altman!

For over 25 years, I’ve been involved in numerous startup businesses. My involvement in startups has typically occurred while I held down a full time “pay-the-bills” job, so multitasking and productivity have always been of keen interest to me.

I’m also a longtime fan of Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator, and have been a subscriber to his blog for many years. Altman is a business and startup expert. So, when I saw Sam Altman’s recent article on productivity, I was all ears (well ear – one of mine doesn’t work anymore).

Sam Altman productivity

Sam’s article was a perfect fit.

“Compound growth gets discussed as a financial concept, but it works in careers as well, and it is magic. A small productivity gain, compounded over 50 years, is worth a lot. So it’s worth figuring out how to optimize productivity. If you get 10% more done and 1% better every day compared to someone else, the compounded difference is massive.” – Sam Altman

What impresses me about Sam Altman’s productivity article is his tips are different than everyone else’s I’ve come across.

Oftentimes, when Googling productivity tips and reviewing about five to seven links to tips from various authors, the authors quickly begin to repeat themselves and there is nothing distinctly different about them.

However, Altman’s productivity tips are unique. They are backed by experience and directly actionable. They include serious tips such as:

“Picking the right thing to work on is the most important element of productivity.”

Or, duh – “…to leave enough time in my schedule to think about what to work on.” If you don’t take the time to organize what you need to get done, your productivity will be toast.Sam Altman startup expertSam’s system has three key pillars:

Pillar 1: ‘Make sure to get the important shit done.’

Pillar 2: ‘Don’t waste time on stupid shit,’ and

Pillar 3: ‘Make a lot of lists.’

These 3 Key Pillars sum up productivity for me!

Right now, Sam’s second pillar is where I need to focus the most effort in my business.

Sam also writes: “I’ve been very fortunate to find work I like so much I’d do it for free, which makes it easy to be really productive.” This is a new twist on the old saying – the one that says if you find something you love doing, you’ll never work another day in your life. I know people like that – and wow! are they ever positive, fun people, to be around. I’ll bet Sam is, too!

What productivity pillar do you need to focus on in your business? Please share your comments below.

His recommendations are further broken down into:

  • What you work on
  • Prioritization
  • Physical factors
  • Other stuff.

Sam further breaks down the third bullet point above, the one about Physical factors. He writes in detail about getting enough restful sleep, exercising and quiet time, and finally about nutrition and how all these factors play an important part in getting your mind and body fine-tuned for optimum productivity and focus.

Sam also admits that he’s afflicted by what many of us can relate to, which is an inability to say “no”.  

Many of us suffer from this because we want to share our knowledge, our expertise, and our experiences to help others along their journey.
Let’s face it, it’s a productivity killer – especially in those times you said, “Oh sure I can do that” and people end up contacting you way too frequently for additional help beyond the original “yes.” This then becomes an interruption to whatever productivity process you have in place for your own to-do’s – and before you know it, you’re behind, frustrated, and stressed.

That’s just a taste of the wisdom in Sam’s article. His content is entertaining, informative, and fun to read.

Sam Altman Productivity Tips

You owe it to yourself to read Sam’s piece and follow his productivity tips to the tee. You can find his article here: Productivity Tips from the Keyboard of Sam Altman.

My productivity tip for you is to highlight and either bookmark or print Sam’s productivity tips and refer to them often.

Now over to you! Let us know below which of Sam’s tips jumpstarted your path to improved productivity. We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

About the Authors:

JR & Liz are partners in Concerto Marketplace, a company which helps small and medium businesses saving money by combining their spend to get volume discount pricing on over 70 products and services with the objective of assisting them to increase their profits. JR is a CPA and has over 35 years of business management, financial management, and entrepreneurship experience. He can be reached at [email protected] Liz is an operational and customer service professional that has helped startups through Fortune500 companies be successful in implementing their core business strategies. Liz can be reached at [email protected]

43 Productivity Experts Reveal Their #1 Productivity Tip This Year

Productivity Tips: 43 Productivity Experts Reveal Their #1 Tip This Year
Productivity Tips: No matter how hard you work, there are only 24-hours in the day. For that reason, improving productivity is essential. Maximizing your efforts can be particularly challenging for business owners who find they have a heap of tasks to complete, but only a limited amount of time to get them all done.