dashlane features

Dashlane Features: 7 Unexpected Things You’d Never Expect You Could Do With This Password Manager

Did you know there’s one simple way for you to run your business even more efficiently than ever before?

From managing sensitive information to onboarding new hires, there’s a way for you to complete your most important daily activities all in one secure place.

That’s right. It’s called Dashlane Password Manager, but “password manager” doesn’t even begin to describe it. Dashlane is a multi-purpose tool for online business, data protection, company collaboration, and so much more.

dashlane features

With Dashlane, you can…

  • Send banking information securely
  • Share company data with various clearance levels
  • Store all your important passwords in one safe place

And much, much more!

You haven’t heard about Dashlane yet?

Haven’t heard about Dashlane Password manager? If not, then you’re missing out. Keep reading to find out why.

Dashlane password manager with its many features is totally disrupting the personal and business cybersecurity space. There are so many password manager apps, websites and informational guides out there. But the truth is they’re not all created equal. Not by a long shot!

There are only a select few that can actually secure your safety online. And there’s only one that takes it a step further than that. It’s called Dashlane Password Manager, and if you’re not using it yet, you’re missing out on hours of productivity. This simple tool helps you operate at top performance and get even more done in your day.

With the help of Dashlane Password Manager, you can…

  • Manage all your bank accounts, even cryptocurrency
  • Keep track of your personal & business accounting
  • Collaborate with your team efficiently
  • Onboard new hires with ease

And more.

As you can see, Dashlane really is your all-in-one go-to password solution for your business. Plus, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use it. It’s all accessible online with an easy-to-use interface.

Intrigued? Read on to learn more…

Dashlane Features: 7 Unexpected Things You Can Do With Dashlane Password Manager

The main Dashlane feature is pretty obvious: secure password storage. From the accounts you rarely touch to the ones you actively use every day, you can store hundreds of passwords all in one place.

But Dashlane gets even cooler than that. Keep reading to discover 7 Unexpected Things You Can Do With Dashlane Password Manager…

#1) Share passwords securely

Passwords protect you from stolen identity, credit card hacks and all kinds of data breaches. But if your passwords aren’t safe, neither is your sensitive information. If you currently share passwords over email, text or in your “Notes” app, you’re at risk.

With Dashlane, you can not only store all your passwords for your own use, but you can also share passwords with colleagues, friends, family and more. You can even select different clearance levels to control who has access to what.

Start sharing passwords securely with Dashlane.

#2) Exchange Banking Information Without Compromise

Want to protect your financial data so you can keep more money in your pocket?

With this feature, you can send and receive banking information without worrying about it ending up in the wrong hands.

This feature comes in handy for…

  • Onboarding new hires
  • Sending and receiving payments
  • Setting up customers on payment plans

And much more!

All banking information becomes encrypted through advanced Dashlane technology. Get ready to gain peace of mind knowing no one can access your financials.

#3) Manage Various Methods of Payment

With your Dashlane Secure Digital Wallet, you can keep all your credit cards in an encrypted space so hackers can’t get to them. Plus, there’s no limit to how many payment methods you can store. You can even store your cryptocurrency accounts, but we’ll talk more about that later.

But it doesn’t stop there. Dashlane streamlines all your payments and expedites the checkout process. You have the ability to select your payment method from a drop-down, and Dashlane will auto-fill the info for you so you don’t have to. This means you can check out online in a matter of just seconds.

Get ready to speed up online checkouts and process payments faster than ever before.

#4) Send Secure Notes  

Did you know you’re at risk of a data breach every time you share sensitive information over texts or email? Protect your online assets with Dashlane secure sharing.

Dashlane allows you to pass notes, documents and more to your employees, business partners, and whoever else you want to share information with.

You can use this feature to…

  • Exchange banking information
  • Share company information with employees
  • Send sensitive information to your customers

And more!

You can rest assured your data is completely safe and secure. In fact, Dashlane uses advanced encryption so hackers can’t tap into any of your important files.

#5) Save Your Receipts for even better Record Keeping

Stay on top of your accounting by auto-saving your all receipts in your Dashlane account. After every online purchase, Dashlane will ask you if you want to save your receipt. Clicking “save” is your secret weapon for keeping track of business and personal expenses, tax write-offs and more.

This unique feature enables you to track and manage your financials in one safe place, and it’s so easy to use.

#6) Store Your Crypto Keys

Did you know you can even store your cryptocurrency credentials? Dashlane is a great way for you to protect your sensitive crypto information.

If you forget a cryptocurrency password, you could lose thousands. One guy lost as much as $10,000 over a lost crypto key. But with Dashlane, you can make sure you never lose your crypto keys by saving them all in your Dashlane Digital Wallet. Plus, you’ll be able to make payments safely and easily.

#7) React to emergencies

Imagine you just started your vacation… You’re reclining on your beach chair, listening to the ocean waves, when you remember (oh, no!) you didn’t send your new client that proposal you promised them you’d send before you left…

Don’t worry.

With the Dashlane emergency feature, you can grant account access to co-workers so they can help you out of a bind.

But this feature goes way beyond business. Prepare for life’s unexpected events by sharing account info with people who you trust in case something happens to you or someone you love.

Whether it’s a personal or professional emergency, the Dashlane Emergency feature is your fail-safe plan in the event of an emergency.

Start Experiencing the Dashlane Difference Today

From password protection to data sharing and even emergency situations, Dashlane Password Manager is here to help you.

You can use this tool to manage business activities and organize your everyday life. People and business owners love Dashlane because it truly is an all-in-one productivity tool — and you will too!

With all the tools and resources within your Dashlane app, you’ll shave hours off your online purchasing, accounting and miscellaneous activities.

In fact, business owners like you report Dashlane saved them up to 40 hours per year! That’s an entire workweek… Just imagine what you could do with all that free time.

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