Dashlane Password Manager: Advanced Password Protection For All Your Digital Data

Today the world is more aware of cybersecurity than ever before.

And, with data breaches and Internet hacking on the rise, you never know when you’re a click away from a computer virus, your identity being stolen and worse yet, your passwords being compromised by Internet hackers.

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So, how do you keep your data, well, personal?

It’s no longer enough to store your passwords in your “Notes” App. You need a safe, secure place to store all your sensitive and personal information, namely your passwords. Enter Dashlane, the cloud-based password manager that’s changing the game for how we store, manage and secure our passwords across platforms.

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In this article, you’ll discover why Dashlane is our top pick for protecting your digital property online.

But first, let’s talk about why password security is important to you.

Why is Password Security SO Important?

As a digital society, we use passwords every day. Therefore, password protection is invaluable.

Passwords are used to protect and access sensitive data like banking information, intellectual property, health records and personal identity.

Passwords help you:

  • Make sure your identity stays just yours.
  • Keep hackers out of your social networking accounts.
  • Stop online burglars from accessing your billing information.

And much, much more.

Without adequate password protection, your data is vulnerable. You put yourself at risk of identity theft and stolen assets.

That’s why it’s so important to set up strong passwords that hackers can’t tap.

Tips for creating a secure password.

  • Create unique passwords for each account.
  • Your password should be 10+ characters in length.
  • Use letters (upper and lower case), numbers and symbols.

But, a robust password isn’t all you need. If that were the case, cyber password theft would not be on the rise.

To keep your data safe and secure, you need to be proactive and go a step further. That’s where your new password manager comes into the picture to protect you.

Protecting Your Digital Property with a Cloud-Based Password Manager

Imagine if you never had to reset a password again. Think of how wonderful it’d be if you didn’t even have to remember your passwords. How much time could you save?

Well, that’s what a password manager helps you manage. Plus, they protect your digital data from getting into the wrong hands. Password managers are the most secure way to store and manage all your passwords.

What is a Password Manager?

In a nutshell, a password manager is a powerful tool to help individuals and business owners just like you manage and protect passwords. Password managers help streamline online processes like logging in, checking out and more.

It’s one of the best ways to keep track of passwords and one of the safest ways to store them. Say goodbye to the days of having to reset your password after too many login attempts. And stop worrying whether your passwords are secure on the web.

Or worse yet, storing your passwords in a notebook that you have to lug everywhere and possibly leave or lose.

Password managers help you:

  • Keep your passwords safe.
  • Login to accounts quickly and easily.
  • Keep track of all your sensitive data.
  • Share data in a safe, protected environment.
  • Manage all your accounts from one safe place.

And more!

Some password managers even can:

  • Auto-generate strong passwords for you.
  • Type your passwords for you, so you don’t have to. This is great especially if you are regularly transacting on a mobile device.
  • Send you instant alerts when you visit a site with data breaches.

And the list goes on!

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How Password Managers Keep Your Passwords Safe

Password managers are one of the safest places to store your sensitive data. But, how do they keep your password data safe?

When you use a password manager, all your data becomes encrypted so hackers can’t tap into it.

Most password managers require you to create a “master password.” Your master password is what you use to login to your password manager dashboard. If your password manager suspects suspicious activity, it will ask you enter your master password before you can access any of your accounts.

On top of that, many password managers have extra features that enhance security through every step of the login process. When you land a page that suffered a data breach, your password manager will let you know right away. If you create a weak password, your password manager will remind you to use special characters.

To take cybersecurity a step further, your password manager will help you login to your accounts using a fingerprint ID or face recognition.

How’s that for outsmarting a cyber hacker?

Now that you know the importance of a password manager let’s explore which password manager is right for you.

The Best Password Manager In The Market

There are many password managers out in the market today, but they’re not all created equal by a long shot. And, they’re not all free.

Dashlane is an advanced, comprehensive password manager that gives you everything you need without a price tag.

Keep reading to learn how Dashlane Password Manager works for you.

Dashlane: The Only Password Manager You Will Ever Need

Dashlane is a password manager that not only protects your passwords – it protects your data too. This cloud-based security tool stores all your passwords in one secure place.

Now, are you ready for the best part? It’s free for you to use!

Dashlane offers peace of mind and reduces your daily stress.

With Dashlane, you don’t have to rack your brain remembering passwords you created years ago. Now you can quickly and easily login to all your accounts. Dashlane remembers your passwords for you and auto-enters them, so you don’t have to, which also makes you more productive

Dashlane is a multi-purpose productivity tool, which is especially helpful to small business owners. You can count on Dashlane to keep all your company data safe while streamlining your everyday online activities.

Why We Love Dashlane

We love Dashlane (and you will too!) because it’s an all-in-one data protection tool that doubles as a productivity enhancer. The secure dashboard makes managing your accounts safe and easy.

Compared to its rivals, Dashlane shines!

Dashlane password manager offers plenty of outstanding features that extend beyond typical cloud-based password protection services. With Dashlane, there’s no limit to how many accounts you can manage. And, did we mention it’s all free?

We’re not the only ones who love Dashlane. Check out all the praise this dual data protection/productivity tool is getting.

Dashlane Awards & Acknowledgments

  • Won 2018 Editor’s Choice Award from PC Magazine
  • Rated 5/5 Stars by Consumer Advocate in 2018
  • Voted December 2017 Best Overall Password Manager by Tom’s Guide
  • Won 2018 Best Password Manager & Best Experience Awards from ASecureLife

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Dashlane is Amazing for Small Business Owners

As an entrepreneur, you probably have hundreds or even thousands of accounts on various websites. Imagine how much time you’d save if you weren’t struggling to remember all your login information.

With Dashlane, you can save tons of time on your everyday account management. Plus, you can you rest easy knowing your passwords are well-protected.

Dashlane doesn’t just help YOU become more productive. It helps increase your employee performance too.

Features like auto-login and autofill enable employees to work fast and efficiently. And with its ease of use, your employees will want to use this tool.

Small business owners love Dashlane because:

  • You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use it
  • It streamlines account management for you and your employees
  • You can share sensitive company data without worrying about a breach
  • … And much, much more!

Dashlane Review: Praise from Our Co-founder

See what JR, Co-founder of Concerto Marketplace, has to say about his personal Dashlane experience.

I honestly don’t know how I survived before Dashlane. I’ve been using it for more than three years, and it is the most productivity-enhancing app I’ve ever used.  

Before I started using Dashlane, I “free trialed” several password protectors or password vaults, but Dashlane always came out on top.
It is so easy to use and so helpful that anyone not using it is most likely wasting hours a week in lost productivity trying to remember login IDs, passwords, and filling out forms. Yes, Dashlane fills out forms for you!  

Got more than 1 Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail account? Dashlane will track multiple login IDs and passwords for the same site. Then when you go to an associated website, Dashlane pops up a list allowing you to choose which ID you would like to sign in with. It couldn’t get any easier!

I currently have 230 online accounts and counting set up on Dashlane, and I probably add at least one new one a week. I can’t imagine memorizing 230 separate passwords. The only alternative is to use the same password everywhere but that is a hacker’s dream, and you might as well post your password out on Facebook.

Dashlane has a great many functions and features, but I primarily use it to:

  • Automatically capture the login ID and password information whenever I sign up for a new site or service.
  • Automatically load my vaulted login ID and password whenever I visit one of the sites kept in my Dashlane vault.
  • Store the passwords for all my many email accounts.
  • Fill out online forms with name, address, email address, phone numbers, etc. whenever I am signing up or buying something on the web.
  • Store my data like Social Security Numbers and frequent flyer numbers for quick protected access.

I can guarantee you that having these five things done for me throughout the day saves me hours of time each week and will save you time and frustration too.  

I can honestly say that Dashlane is the most productive tool I own and it would be the last one I’d give up.  

JR, Concerto Marketplace Co-founder

What Are Others Saying About Dashlane?

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Is Dashlane Safe & Secure?

Essentially, yes! While no password manager is 100% “hack-proof,” Dashlane makes stealing your data nearly impossible. With Dashlane, all your sensitive data becomes encrypted, so online thieves and prying eyes can’t get to it.

In fact, Dashlane uses the most advanced encryption on the market. The company’s engineering team is always testing, refining and updating their security framework.

When you open your Dashlane account, you will be prompted to create a master password. This password is yours and yours only. To ensure optimal security, Dashlane does not store your master password.

And, with the ability to generate robust passwords and divert you from visiting insecure sites, Dashlane is everything you need from a password manager.

Want to learn more about how Dashlane’s features protect your data and enhance your productivity?

Keep reading to discover the Dashlane difference right now.

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Key Features of Dashlane Password Manager

A great password manager combines many functions into one easy-to-use interface, and Dashlane has done that for you. Check out how this password manager makes your life easier while protecting you in cyberspace.

Auto Login

Key benefit: Remembers your passwords for you.

Do you know how much time you spend trying to remember your passwords? Imagine if you never had to go through the process of resetting a forgotten password ever again. Enter Dashlane Auto Login. It’s compatible with nearly every operating system – Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android and more – making your login experience flawless every time.

Form Autofill

Key Benefit: Saves you a ton of time.

Want to increase your company productivity? Form autofill simplifies (and speeds up) the way you fill out forms online. Dashlane reports that this feature alone saves the average user 50 hours of time per year. That’s more than an entire work week. You might as well spend that time on vacation, instead of filling in a bunch of forms.

Instant Security Alerts

Key Benefit: Protects your data from compromised sites

Whenever you browse the web, Dashlane lets you know if you stumble upon a site with a breach. Security alerts allow you to leave the site before your data gets stolen. Your password manager will even prompt you to change your password to make sure you stay safe. And, you don’t have to worry about changing it because Dashlane will remember it for you.

Strong Password Generator

Key Benefit: Makes every account virtually unhackable

This key feature helps you create long and strong passwords without the need to remember them when it comes time to use them. Dashlane also notifies you when you have used a particular password multiple times and warms you that this decreases your online security.

Every password generated is random and unique. The advanced technology caters to each site’s password parameters, so you’ll come out with strong passwords that fit the requirements every time. Then store everything in your dashboard and don’t worry about remembering which password goes with what.

Always Require Master Password

Key Benefit: Takes data security one step further with a two-step authentication if desired.

Your master password is what you use to login to Dashlane and view your secure dashboard.

To add an extra blanket of security, you can customize your Dashlane account to require you always to enter your master password.

This means when you log in to an account, you will be required to:

  1. Enter the associated password.
  2. And, enter your master password.

Don’t worry! The best part of using Dashlane it does all the remembering for you. After all, as a small business owner, don’t you have enough to remember already?

With 2-step verification, you now have one more way to keep hackers out of your accounts.

Secure Digital Wallet

Key Benefit: Makes online transactions fast and easy

Did you know Dashlane doubles at a security wallet? Now you can easily and effectively protect your online assets – cryptocurrency, banking information; you name it. The coolest part? There is no limit to how many payment methods you can store. With your Dashlane digital wallet, you can checkout faster and speed up your online shopping experience. Not to mention, protect all your valuable assets.

Secure Sharing

Key Benefit: Reduces your risk of compromised data during company collaboration.

Every time you share data via email or text, you risk exposing your data to hackers. But, with the Dashlane Secure Sharing Center, your data is always protected, whether you’re sharing with an employee, a friend or an emergency contact.

Using this feature, your shared data gets encrypted and decrypted, which restricts outsider access. This makes it impossible for anyone, even Dashlane itself, to see your data if you don’t want them to.

Secure Sync & Backups

Key Benefit: Gives you unlimited access to your data, wherever you are.

With this feature, you can run Dashlane on any device, and there’s no limit to how many devices you can sync. You can experience the benefits of this password manager on your desktop computer, tablet and even your mobile phone. Dashlane is always available to you, making on-the-go productivity a possibility. This feature is available with Dashlane Premium, which is only a low price of $3.33/month.

These are just a few of the features that make Dashlane stand out above all the other password managers!


Potential Downside To Dashlane

If there is a possible downside to using Dashlane, it might be how Dashlane packages their service.

With the free version, you can only use Dashlane on one of your devices. For cross-platform support, you are required to purchase a premium Dashlane account.

However, the overall value and benefits of Dashlane Premium are much greater than the price tag. It’s just $3.33 per month, so you only spend 10 cents a day for the most robust level of protection. That seems like a small price to pay for optimal protection and peace of mind.

Dashlane pricing

Dashlane Business: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: With Dashlane, can I share data with my team?

A: Absolutely. Dashlane makes it easy for you to collaborate with the rest of your company. You can share one or multiple items with one or multiple people at a time. You can also customize the level of access an individual gets.

Q: If I have all my passwords stored in an Excel document, can I easily import them to my Dashlane account?

A: Yes, you can import passwords in some ways. You can export directly from your browser or other password-protected accounts. If you’re uploading a file, make sure it’s in CSV format.

Q: If someone leaves my company, will they still have access to my Dashlane data?

A: You can restrict access whenever you choose. Whether you were sharing passwords or other sensitive data, you can immediately remove a user’s permissions the moment they leave your company.

Q: What about my offline accounts? Can Dashlane help with those?

A: Yes, you can even store information that exists outside of cyberspace. With Dashlane Business, you’ll have a digital wallet and Secure Notes for easy account management, whether your data is online or offline.

Experience the Dashlane Difference Today

Now that you know about all of the incredible features you get with Dashlane, it’s time to see for yourself. Getting started is free and easy, so why not experience the cloud-based password manager that’s changing the game?

Dashlane Password Generator

Concerto Marketplace for Dashlane Password Manager

Concerto Marketplace helps business owners like you make more money and keep even more in your pocket. Through extensive market research and brand comparisons, Concerto hand selects the best of the best product and service providers to help your business become even more productive in your everyday activities.

At Concerto, we love Dashlane because it’s easy to use, the price is right (it’s free!), and it works. It’s time for you to change the way you manage your accounts and free up tons of time in your day to day – all while protecting your sensitive data.

Get Started With Dashlane Now!

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Start your path towards an even more protected and productive future now: Enroll in Dashlane Now!

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