Decision Making Thoughts

Last night I had trouble getting to sleep.  All the decisions I’d made and all the things needed doing while leading a startup can lead to anxiety if you are not careful.  So instead of counting sheep I decided to count decisions that I had made during the day to see if that would help with  my current insomnia.  It  was an interesting process and culminated in the following discovery about decision making that I’ll share with you here:

  1. IconGood informed decisions are a result of getting the facts, considering the options, mulling it over and then – making a decision.  Oftentimes people can’t  take that final step and I promise you that will lead to sleepless nights.
  2. Then I found the most interesting thing about making decisions.  While thinking about one of the biggest decisions I’d made that day, and a scary one at that, I noticed I was smiling (yup in the dark – in bed) and a peacefulness sort of set in.  The point here is that I found out that by taking a few moments in retrospect to feel good about my decisions brought a clarity, confidence, and a good feeling about the decision I’d made.  This in  turn lead to my final thought I had before falling asleep:
  3. It was then that I realized I was ready, willing, and able to meet the next day head on with determination and confidence that I’d keep making good decisions.

Last decision – I’m going to do this before sleep more often… Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz