Attention Business Owners: YOU. CAN. Make. More. Money. Starting NOW!

If you’re a business that wants to stay in business, making more money is high on your priority list.

Without more money, you can’t hire more employees, expand into new markets, increase your advertising, or launch new product offerings.

Many times, you can’t even borrow money to achieve these goals. So, where does that leave you? It leads you to the Make. More. Money. Movement.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “yeah, duh, we all want to make more money so what are you selling?”

Well, you’re not getting sold today. You’re about to learn what the Make. More. Money. Movement. is all about and how YOU can get in on it.

The Make. More. Money. Movement. is all about getting the most for your hard work by spending in the smartest, most efficient way possible. Typically, people think making more money means increasing sales or increasing prices.

Sure, that works. But we’re here to tell you that those are the toughest ways to make more money – and probably the LEAST effective way to get in on the Make. More. Money. Movement.

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Here’s how YOU can take home more cash – FAST!

#1) Lower Your Cost of Goods Sold

How long has it been since you reviewed your pricing agreement with your suppliers?

Your partnership is extremely valuable to them, so don’t be afraid to ask for a price reduction.

You’re a good customer, and they don’t want to lose you, so they’ll likely be willing to talk. Give them a call and mention your long-time relationship and long history of on-time payments.

Together, you can create a NEW pricing agreement that will benefit both of you in the long run. Ask them to adjust your rate card up to the next-highest customer rating category, or try getting a quick 1-2% discount on payments made within 10 and 30 days. This can be the most lucrative option of all.

For example, if you receive a 1% discount for paying in 10 days rather than your usual 30 days (1/10 net 30), you’re actually getting an 18% yearly return on your money. Similarly, 2/10 of net 30 terms gives you a 36% return.

Now you’re earning even more hard cash for the same amount of work, and you’re well on your way to Make. More. Money. Now.

#2) Lower Your Expenses

What if you could cut costs without having to call all of your suppliers?

While it’s valuable to discuss price reductions with a few of your biggest suppliers, negotiating lower prices with all of them will take a lot of time and resources you can’t afford to waste. Luckily, there’s a way for YOU to lower your expenses without going through all that hassle.

Imagine if YOU could combine your spending with that of other small and medium businesses to obtain cheaper prices based on larger volumes.

But how?  What if you had someone to do it for you?

Great news – you do!  Someone is already doing it for you!

Concerto Marketplace has done just that – it links you to the best suppliers with the best prices. Concerto Marketplace will become your one-stop shop for pretty much everything you need to transition successfully to the Make. More. Money. Movement. GUARANTEED!

#3) Increase Your Productivity

Increasing your company’s productivity is a FREE way for you to get more done while working the same number of hours, or get the same amount done while working less. Either way puts even more money in your pocket and pads your bottom line.

If you have hourly wage-earning employees and are currently paying for a lot of overtime hours, you’ll definitely benefit from increased productivity. So, how do you increase productivity in your business? CLICK HERE TO LEARN FROM EXPERTS LIKE OPRAH, STEVE JOBS, BILL GATES, AND MORE – RIGHT NOW!

#4) Sell More Products or Services

The last and least recommended option is for you to sell more products. Why last, and least? Because saving a dollar is much more valuable than earning a dollar with a new product or service.

You’re probably asking, “Why?”

Well, it takes money to record a new dollar of sales – but it’s FREE to save a dollar on expenses.

If you’re selling a product, first you have to pay for it at the wholesale price.

Then, you mark it up to the price you charge for it. There are often commissions involved, too. So, you may end up netting only a few cents on the dollar, which means you have to sell considerably more than a dollar of product to put a dollar eventually back in your pocket.

The same goes for services. Services are typically provided by you or your staff, and they have to be paid. So again, you’ll have to sell much more than a dollar of services to put an additional dollar back in your pocket.

IN SUMMARY – The Make. More. Money. Movement. is all about choosing smart, easy and sometimes FREE ways for YOU to Make. More. Money. – and there couldn’t be a better time to start than RIGHT NOW.

About the Authors:

JR & Liz are partners in Concerto Marketplace, helping small-and medium-sized businesses everywhere Make. More. Money. JR is a CPA with over 35 years of business management, financial management, and entrepreneurship experience.  Liz is an operational and customer service professional who has helped both startups and Fortune 500 companies successfully implement their core business strategies. Leveraging their combined experience and passion, they are dedicated to helping make it easier for businesses to improve their bottom line through the Concerto Marketplace.