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13 Amazing Productivity Apps for Small Business You Can’t Afford To Miss

Are you a small business owner or operator looking for new ways to increase your company productivity and your sales?

As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats. Fortunately, there are plenty of productivity apps that will help you to wear them.

From password protection to project management, social media scheduling and everything in between, we will reveal 13 productivity apps guaranteed to increase your productivity – and your sales.

And, you want to know the best part?

Most of these productivity apps are 100% FREE!

Are you ready to will learn how you can?

  • Improve company-wide productivity?
  • Operate even more efficiently than ever before?
  • Bring your bottom line to a whole new level?

productivity tools

Dashlane Password Manager

How often do you struggle to remember a password when you need it the most?

Well, now there’s an app for that!

As a small business owner or operator, you probably have hundreds or even thousands of accounts online.

Dashlane is a password management app that doubles as a data protection tool and a productivity enhancer. And, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use it.

Dashlane helps you:

  • Collaborate with employees and co-workers
  • Expedite your account login processes
  • Protect your sensitive information
  • Save 50+ hours of time per year

And more.

Learn more about Dashlane Features.

With Dashlane, you can save passwords with ease from an unlimited number of accounts. Dashlane password manager will automatically remember and enter your passwords for you. With the Dashlane’s secure sharing center, you can share company data in a safe online environment.

Learn more about what Dashlane can do for you and your business by reading our Dashlane review.


Want to build new relationships and increase your engagement online?

Buffer can help you do just that.

This social media scheduling tool allows you to do all your social media outreach from one place. Buffer’s easy-to-use interface saves you hours of time you typically spend posting to all your social media networks. That’s right: all of them. Buffer integrates with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

With Buffer, you can…

  • Post content to every account from one place
  • Schedule posts hours, days or weeks in advance
  • Track insights, engagements, conversions and more
  • Manage your social media marketing more efficiently

Learn more here:


This all-in-one, project management platform, encourages company collaboration while helping you track progress on critical projects. With Trello, you can prioritize important projects, so nothing slips through the cracks.

Plus, you can assign tasks and post announcements. This creates a collaborative online workspace for you and your team.

Trello helps you…

  • Organize and prioritize projects
  • Stay on top of your daily to-do list
  • Encourage company-wide collaboration

And much more!

Learn more here:


Whether you’re writing a casual email to a client, a long-form marketing paper, or your entire business plan, you want to come across professional and intelligent. That’s where Grammarly comes in.

With Grammarly, you never have to worry about a typo, spelling error, or using the wrong form of a word. Grammarly detects all your spelling oversights, and it even suggests new, more appropriate words for you to use.

Grammarly helps you…

  • Enhance your spelling and grammar skills
  • Perfect your important presentations and documents
  • Look ultra-professional in all your online communications

And, more.

Learn more here:

Google Drive: Docs, Sheets, Slides and More

Remember when you used to create a file in Microsoft Office? When you were done, you had to email it someone on your team, they’d make their suggestions, and they had to email it back to you.

But, with Google’s suite of office tools, you can share files in just a couple finger taps. And multiple parties can work on the same document at the same time, making it the ultimate collaboration tool.

Google tools enable you to…

  • Share files securely
  • Collab with your team in real-time
  • Create great content in way less time

And much, much more.

Learn more here:

Google Hangouts

If you have all the other Google apps for productivity, then you might as well add Google Hangouts to the list. Hangouts enable you to chat with employees and business partners in real time. Plus, you can even host group video meetings with screen share capabilities. With the free version, you can talk to up to 10 people at a time.

Google Hangout productivity tools

Google Hangouts helps you…

  • Communicate with people overseas
  • Stay connected with your team
  • Increase your presence online

And more.

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Imagine if you could connect with hundreds of new leads and potential business partners without leaving the comfort of your home…

Well, LinkedIn allows you to do just that. It’s networking elevated.

With this professional social networking app, you can…

  • Connect with more people faster
  • Find the right contacts right away
  • Recruit employees quickly and easily

And, more…

Get started with


Make your presentations come to life with this online annotation tool. Skitch allows you to add arrows, shapes and other annotations to your screenshots. You also can create a brand new design starting from a blank page.

With Skitch, you’ll be able to add notes, descriptions or instructions to all your files — and it’ll take half the time.

People use Skitch to create…

  • Marketing flowcharts
  • Annotated presentations
  • Step-by-step user guides

And so much more

Learn more here:

Evernote has a community program that pays for referrals


Do you ever wonder how much money you could save if you had graphic design skills? This drag and drop graphic design tool make making masterpieces easier than ever before.

With Canva, you can design flyers, presentations, business cards and more in just minutes. The app offers pre-built templates to save you tons of time.

With Canva you can…

  • Make professional printable materials in minutes
  • Customize your designs for way less money
  • Streamline your graphic design processes
  • And more!

Give Canva a try. After a couple of uses, you will wonder how you made it along in life without this tool:


Sure, Quickbooks is synonymous with the dreaded Tax Season. But did you know Quickbooks helps you do a lot more than file your taxes online?

You can complete all your accounting activities in just a few finger taps.

Quickbooks helps you.

  • Make and send invoices
  • Pay your employees online
  • Run reports on company data

And much more…

Learn more here:


Does payroll ever get in the way of completing all your essential tasks?

Now you don’t have to worry about cutting checks on payday. Gusto will do it for you. Gusto is a payroll management system built with the small business owner in mind.

With Gusto, you will:

  • Manage payroll accounting easily
  • Always pay employees on time
  • Keep your employees happy

And more…

Learn more here:

Misaic eXtreme QuickShare App

What do you do with all the business cards you collect while you’re networking?

Odds are they’re sitting in a stack of untapped potential. Most likely, you haven’t reached out to any of the people you pocketed a business card from.

But with the QuickShare App by Misaic eXtreme, you can snap a picture of the business card and load it directly into your CRM system.

With eXtreme, you can…

  • Keep all your new networking contacts in one place
  • Engage with these new contacts through customized email campaigns
  • Convert your new contacts into customers with end-to-end marketing funnels

And much, much more

Learn more here:

Your Answer to Small Business Productivity

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