Prolific Time Management Tips: 5 Tips to Trick Your Brain into Giving You Even More Time in Your Day

Is it really already November? Days are getting shorter, the holidays are quickly approaching, and your time seems to be more limited right now than ever before. Wouldn’t it be nice to get even more done in your day?

You’re about to find out how you can:

  • Get even more done throughout your day
  • Stop feeling rushed from one thing to another
  • Begin managing your time even more effectively right now

Get ready for some actionable ways to manage your time even more effectively and get the absolute most out of every day.

Time Management Tips

Time Management Tips To Trick Your Brain Into Giving You More Time!

5 Tips to Trick Your Brain into Giving You, Even More, Time in Your Day

Time Management Tip #1: Ditch the “to do” list and plan it out

Okay, you don’t have to ditch the “to do” list completely, but let’s be honest: lists like this are great to a point — they remind us what we need to do without holding us accountable to doing them. Accountability comes with a plan, which means you need to map out the times in which you’re going to accomplish certain tasks. Invest in a pocket calendar, fill it out thoroughly and refer to it often.

By the way, this applies to more than business. If you want to get to the gym, write it down. What days are you going? At what times?

If penciling in times seems seriously daunting to you, start by prioritizing the tasks on your “to do” list. Rank them 1 to 10 or 1 to one million depending on how many things you’re juggling right now. Then give yourself the sweet satisfaction of drawing a check mark as you complete them one by one.

Time Management Tip #2: Declutter from distractions

Wouldn’t it be nice to get something – anything! – Done in one sitting? It all starts with your space. If you want to complete a personal or professional task promptly, be sure to remove the clutter from your environment. The more distractions, the less progress. Clutter is proven to trigger stress, so do yourself a favor and clear the mess.

And did you know clutter goes beyond your home or workspace? There’s clutter on your electronics too. How many browser tabs do you have open right now? Are all of your apps open on your phone?

Online or offline, you’ll thank yourself for decluttering and making more room for what you want to accomplish.

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Time Management Tip #3: Overestimate how long tasks will take you

How often do you set out to do something that seemed so easy only to realize it’s going to take you all day? When you underestimate your tasks, you immediately allow for overwhelm. Instead, give yourself some extra time.

If you initially anticipate something will take you an hour, allow yourself an extra 20 minutes to complete it. This way, you won’t overbook yourself. For larger projects, consider extending your personal due date by a day or two. Similarly, set realistic service level agreements with new clients. Nobody wants to fall short on promises.

When you allow more time for your tasks, you’ll notice you feel less rushed and more focused, and you’ll actually get more done in your day.

Time Management Tip #4: Sound the alarm

You can use alarms for much more than waking up. Set an alarm as a conference call reminder, to tell you when it’s time for your work out, or to remind you when to take a shower. Hey, we’re not here to judge. You can even use alarms to give yourself some old-fashioned “me time.”

For instance, if you want to read a book for an hour but you know there are so many other things you “should be doing,” set an alarm for an hour from now, open that book and get lost in it, and trust that your alarm will remind you when to come back to reality.

Alarms are so helpful it’s actually alarming — in a good way of course.

Time Management Tip #5: Find balance

There are things you love to do, and there are things you’d rather do without. You love spending time with your family, but you hate doing your taxes. You love cooking, but you don’t enjoy cleaning up afterward. So, how do you find the balance between the two and why is this balance so important?

If you only do the things you love, you neglect mundane yet important tasks (like paying your bills on time). If you only do the things you dislike, you’ll fall into that deep, monotonous hole most know as “going through the motions.” But when you balance what you love and what you don’t enjoy as much, you’ll find a greater sense of accomplishment throughout your day.

Now YOU (and Your Brain) are ready to roll into the holidays with ease! Get ready to accomplish even more than ever before and begin feeling the many benefits of managing your time with maximum efficiency.

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    Great article! #2 is totally my personal pain point. That one I’ve got to work on and work on and work on. The others are good for me too. Hope to see some responses which come up with even more good tips and ideas. Thanks!

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